Monday, 20 August 2012

Holidays and Holydays in foreign parts

I haven't posted in a while due to a wonderful holiday in Spain and France (more on that later!) First an update on the intrepid Compostela pilgrims.
Both girls completed 'The Way', going beyond Compostela to Finisterre and then Muxia. They met us at the start of our summer vacation in Pamplona (having bussed back!) Both looked remarkably well for the experience although there had been many hard days along the way. We continue to pray that many graces will ensue. I hope to relay some of their Camino Impressions (with permission!) in future posts.
We travelled onward together to our holiday home near the Opus Dei Shrine of Torreciudad and, after a couple of weeks, our group dispersed leaving my husband and I to meander home through various interesting places in France. In the next few posts I will introduce my readers to one or two of them. Meanwhile I hope you had, or are having, safe and happy holidays.

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