Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Virgin of Torreciudad

The Virgin of Torreciudad is a Romanesque elm wood carving of Our Blessed Lady seated with the Christ child on her lap. She is a throne for the Word Incarnate, the seat of Wisdom. It is said to date prior to 1084 and was originally housed in the 11th century hermitage, the ruin of which is located near to todays shrine. The virgin's primitive features and medieval proportions are not pleasing to the eyes of many today yet the statue is central to the shrine. It was to this statue that the mother of Saint Josemaria Escriva brought him as a dangerously sick infant and he subsequently recovered.
Whilst on holiday in El Tozal a pilgrim replica statue travels from house to house so that families can feel close to the Virgin and have a focus for family prayer. We also brought a statue back to England which we hope to circulate among families who have been to Torreciudad.

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