Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Epiphany Party

We really enjoyed hosting this and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves too.  There were 9 adults and 11 children and some lovely costumes.

We began with a shared table of Eastern and star shaped food which made a change after 12 days of mince pies and Christmas cake!  We attempted a traditional Galette cake consisting of frangipane and puff pastry although due to health and safety we didn't hide anything in it :-) 

After the food and some play time for the children we had a treasure hunt, following a star, with 12 pictures leading from place to place until we ended at the crib where the 3 Kings found the real treasure of the baby Jesus!  There were also gold coins hidden there to keep the children happy.

We then sang the 12 days of Christmas with Roy leading us and Paul gave us adults a quiz on the real meaning of this popular song.  

Next we blessed our house with the help of our young guests and everyone received chalk, holy water and a house blessing to take home.  We processed up the stairs singing 'We Three Kings of Orient..' with 3 children chosen to carry the 3 gifts, to our chapel where we prayed the HFG prayers.

We were able to show the children our real Frankincense, Myrrh and gold in special boxes.

This party was such a good way to end the 12 days of Christmas and we hope to do the same next year.

Some of the food and the 3 gifts

"Come to our next event or else I'll..." Roy threatening our newest members

Joseph 'reading' us a story

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

We've been a bit behind updating the blog with Christmas etc. but hope to now add reports of the past couple of events plus photos.

Carol Singing

Members and friends of the Holy Family Guild gathered at our home in Washington and walked

singing carols from house to house and even stopped in at the village pub. We collected for a

local hospice, but the main aim of the event was to spread the Christmas message in the form

of carols. In so doing we were also keeping alive a tradition which goes back centuries in

Europe and then Britain and which we read about in the novels of Thomas Hardy, Kenneth

Grahame and Louisa May Alcott, among others. After the cold frosty evening kept us moving

briskly, we returned for mulled wine, mince pies and buffet food. Then the children had a visit

from St Nicholas, who told us about his life and handed out gold coins, before we prayed

together in the family chapel.