Sunday, 24 June 2012

Respect begins at Home

I am in receipt of the leaflet, 'Respect begins at Home' from the Family Education Trust. As usual it is full of sound common sense. I have ordered a bundle of them to hand out where they can make a difference and I urge anyone who cares about families in the UK to do the same. From surveys conducted amongst UK adults it appears that 'parents not bringing their children up properly' and 'the breakdown of so many marriages' are cited as responsible for todays social malaise. The leaflet points out that the Prime Minister has also identified these as root problems. However his own government policies militate against stable family life and responsible parenting. It does this in four key areas of policy making; childcare, extended schools, discipline in the home and confidentiality. We are urged to play our part in impressing this upon the government, making parents more aware of how their responsibilities are being threatened and ordering our own homes so that children learn respect. Definately worth a read and worth, action.  

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