Thursday, 31 May 2012

Walkers and armchair pilgrims are now reunited!

Walking pilgrims have now for the most part returned home, perhaps with the exception of those from more distant parts such as Australia and Pakistan. The euphoria of completing the physical and spiritual task over three days has had to subside as they return to their normal daily lives. They are now much the same as those of us who did not walk but made, if you like, "an armchair pilgrimage" We are all now faced with our next step. How do we turn the Chartres Pilgrimage into something good for the future? On that note I give you the words of M. l'abbé Berg, superior of the Fraternity of Saint Peter from the end of his Homily at Mass in Chartres Cathedral on Easter Monday (excuse my translation!)
The full text of the homily in French can be found at

"Dear pilgrims, in the face of everything that threatens the family in our times, it would be easy to succumb to despair. But courage! "Christ has overcome the world" In the dark nights or in days of joy, we walk with Christ and we understand that with him "even the nights are necessary and good" because they are there to purify us.

Let us not be afraid. We will return after this pilgrimage to our usual activities. We have needed all our strength for three days. Now we must bring to fruition the graces received on the road to Chartres. It is for our families to be missionaries, to stand always with the Church Militant carrying within it the truth. Let us be the friends on which the Church can count in the face of these immense spiritual challenges that are before it. Live Christianity as a friend of all that is true, good and beautiful."

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