Friday, 31 December 2010

On the eve of a New Year

January saw a record number of people at the March for life in Washington DC. In February the Bishops of England and Wales had their ad limina visit in Rome and we can only imagine what the Holy Father discussed with them. In March A new children's book was published under Pope Benedict XVI's name."Gli Amici di Gesu" (The Friends of Jesus) In April more than 2 million people visited the shroud in Turin. In May the Pope travelled to  Fatima, in his own words, to tell Our Blessed Lady that he loved her.
In June the Holy Father spoke movingly to priests and seminarians gathered at the close of year for priests. Thank you for our priests.
In July the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio was celebrated - such wonderful art work of moments in the life of Christ.
In August Youth 2000 gathered  at Walsingham for 'Sanctuary' - adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and great catechesis  from fr Stan Fortuna. In September the wonderful and memorable visit of the Pope to the UK. In October the Chilean Miners were rescued, visibly thanking God as they emerged. In November Gaudi was beatified and his Sagrada Familia Church consecrated and in December we watch as the ordinariate unfolds before our eyes. Life as a Catholic family is never mundane. Let us continue to spread His good news in 2011
Happy New Year !


  1. Great post & blog..I will link to you..

  2. Thanks Jackie! Still getting the hang of this blogging mullarkey!

  3. Yes, great post. It's been a blessed year.