Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Jesse Tree

So now you  hopefully have your Advent wreath in use at family prayers. It tells us when Jesus is coming. It doesn't tell us why he is coming. The Jesse Tree is a way to help children and adults get a better understanding of why. Jesse was the father of King David. The idea of the Jesse Tree comes from Isaiah 11:1-9, where God promises a discouraged nation that the glory they remember from David’s time will come again. They will have another king from Jesse’s family, in whose reign the whole earth will know God. The promise is fulfilled in Jesus.  The Jesse Tree is decorated with symbols reminding us  how God prepared the world for that kingdom. It celebrates the lineage of Jesus. It could be a real branch or a painted tree. Each day of Advent after reading  a Bible passage, a symbol made of cardboard or plasticene is placed on the tree to represent a person or event e.g.a rainbow for the Flood, a beautiful coloured coat for Joseph, a whale for Jonah or a lily for Mary. It is a teaching and learning tool and grows into an  Advent calendar. If you want more details regarding specific readings and symbols do please contact me by e mail. Happy Advent!

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