Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Significant Anniversary

The "Bible" of the Holy Family Guild is  "Familiaris Consortio" (The Christian Family in the Modern World) Pope John Paul II opened his 'Apostolic Exhortation' by noting positive and negative influences on family life. Families can counteract the negatives by affirming and respecting the full personhood of each individual family member. The family is invited,  "become what you are" - form a community of people bound together for life, serve life from its beginning in the womb until natural death, build up society and fulfill a role in the life of the church, by becoming a domestic church. The last section explores the pastoral outreach needed for types of family structures.
Holy Family Guild members are invited to reread sections of this document on a regular basis. New members are provided with a  copy of the document which is 30 years old next November. A day conference with keynote speakers is being planned to celebrate the anniversary of this important document for families. More information at a later date.


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