Monday, 18 March 2013

Stations of the Cross

We held a Lenten Family Day for the 2nd year at Osmotherley on the afternoon of 17th March.  Six families/couples met in the village to walk the mile (approximately) to the Lady Chapel, there are crosses to mark the Stations of the Cross along the way.  Despite the rain families took turns leading a station.  The older children had prepared lovely illustrations to accompany them and were each given something to carry along the way to represent each station e.g. a rosary for the meeting of Jesus and Mary.  The children enjoyed jumping in the huge puddles and mud but for the parents with pushchairs it was quite tricky!
We arrived at the Lady Chapel and prayed the Holy Family Guild prayers and prayers for the Pope.  
A lovely volunteer was waiting with much needed tea and coffee in the hall and the families had brought a selection of food to share.  We were amazed when we went back outside to discover it was snowing and it was really quite heavy on the walk back down the hill to our cars.
It was a memorable occasion for the children and the difficulties helped us adults to identify with Our Lord's way of the cross a bit better.

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  1. Delighted that the Stations at Osmotherley went well and that at least the snow waited until you had finished! We were sorry to miss it. Well done all of you!