Thursday, 5 January 2012

My New Years Honours List 2012

This year my awards go to

Clare Carver, a young girl who has spent the whole year in hospital following an accident ‎which left her on life support and in a coma with horrific injuries. Thanks be to God she has made remarkable progress and has been an inspiration to many.

My mother who died in January,  just because she's my mother and I miss her.

Familiaris Consortio on the 30th Anniversary of its publication. Thank you Blessed John Paul II.

The Dominican Sisters and the Maryvale Institute for their Anchor Catechetical Programme. A void is at long last filled!

'The Way' movie which allowed my husband and I as well as many other movie goers to experience the Camino in all its splendour and truth.

The Anglican Ordinariate. Thank you Pope Benedict!

Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury who seems to be acting like a Catholic Bishop - is he a voice crying in the wilderness?

Father Robert Barron and his series 'Catholicism'. Oh please when can we see it in the UK?

The new translation of the Roman Missal

Sister Angelina, one of 26 missionaries killed last year. She was bringing medical aid to refugees in Sudan.

Our Holy Family Guild families, living and sharing their faith together in an increasingly secular society.


  1. Hi Pat, The "Catholicism" series is being shown in the UK over 11 weekly sessions, starting tomorrow (12th Jan) at 7:30pm. The only problem is that the venue is in Tooting in Southwark Diocese.
    I'd put my money on it also being shown in Shrewsbury Diocese before too long. At least that's slightly nearer.
    Maybe we should ask Bishop Seamus to buy a set of DVD's for H&N Diocese?
    Alternatively, have you got $249 to spare?!
    We might just have to wait for EWTN to broadcast all the episodes in the UK...

  2. Apologies for not publishing your comment until now Paul. I'm so used to no comments I missed it by not paying attention! I will write to Bishop Seamus - "shy bairns get nowt" as we say up here!!!