Friday, 11 February 2011

Pause for Death

I haven't posted for 3 weeks due to the death of my mother. A pause for death so to speak. And after all that's what death is, not an end or a beginning but a pause, a transition from one state to another. Our lives are gifted by God, we make of them what we can and then we return to God. And, as my mother discovered, the timing is willed by Him. For a few years of very poor health and any obvious quality of life she often wondered why 'God did not want her yet.' To those who knew her she certainly seemed to be living her purgatory before our eyes. Her husband of 67 years constantly cared for her. As a non Catholic he had accompanied her faithfully to Church every Sunday and holy day since their marriage and my guess is that my mother's prolongued illness and the sacrifice it required from my father will in some mysterious way help him when he faces his Maker. God bless him and may my mother rest in peace. Let us pray for the sick and dying and those who care for them.


  1. It was a privilege to have known Molly, however briefly, & to take part in her Requiem Mass last week.
    It was edifying to see Helen, Maria & Aidan coming from Australia & the USA to join with you, Roy & Martin as a real family saying farewell to the matriarch.
    We are praying that Molly will be granted a merciful judgement ready to take her appointed place at the right hand of the Father. Our prayers for your father to have the strength to bear his great loss & carry on.

  2. In our prayers, of course, Pat, both you and her. Mass card follows.